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New Book Publication. Out of Darkness

Out Of Darkness is a book published by Befriender Uganda. The content is meant to help the reader to understand the subject so that they can help themselves or help someone they know that may need the help.

Copies are available for sell at US$ 13 to those out side Uganda and 15000/= for those in Uganda. Prices include Postage.


A Word from the Executive Director
100_0932Befriender Uganda is a special place of hope if you are
grieving, depressed, in despair and most of all if you are
suicidal. All our programs and efforts are meant to help
you cope with what seems to be an outrageous situation.
Uganda is lucky to join the rest of the world in
preventing suicide.
On a daily basis, Uganda loses lives to suicide, at the
time of death, these people are reported to have been
sick “mentally” or caught up with substance abuse.
Suicide victims tend to see suicide as a lasting solution to a temporary problem. Truth be
told, suicide only passes the pain on to others. We can always help our sisters, brothers,
friends, relatives or even a neighbor to live through that temporary problem. Each time a
loss causes grief, it becomes evident that; that specific life meant so much to so many.
We need to do something to prevent such losses. Losing a life to suicide is a grief
unmatched by any other event.

With directed effort, loving care, concern and education, suicide need not to be a solution
to any problem.