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Crisis Helpline: 0800200450 (toll free)

Befriender Uganda has a toll free helpline that is open 5 days a week from 8:00AM – 5:00PM. The crisis helpline is

The helpline is used for quick risk assessment, Crisis intervention and follow up support to our beneficiaries. We intervene in such a way that the person faces his situation on a here and now basis according to the circumstances and resources available to the person.

If you are suicidal ……………. Don’t hesitate, Call now. It’s the right choice to make.

Education and support program


In order to achieve our goal, the organization uses a multi facet information package for different audiences packed with all suicide prevention related information as may be required.

  The SCHOOL YOUTH AMBASSADORSHIP TRAINING PROGRAM trains school personnel about youth high risk behaviors, how to identify youths at risk and how to show care and support. The program is run hand in hand with on location counseling services to the youth by Befriender Uganda counselors.

 It might be you!


Mental illness is often associated with the fear of and belief in witch craft. Those suffering with this condition often face social stigma among the Ugandan society. Suicide is the least of many people’s worry in Uganda even with the increasing number of suicide cases according to the media reports. Our IT MIGHT BE YOU Community Drive program teaches communities how to recognize and support mentally ill persons and limit suicide with in their communities. It’s our obligation to teach the public about the reality of mental illness and where to seek help. Every week our volunteer team travels to teach communities mental illness.

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  1. Currently am doing OT in year 1.Can i get an opportunity to volunteer or a chance is given to internationals only.Thanks

  2. Thank you for your inquiries, please write to the volunteers coordinator at our center and either hand deliver o mail it to
    Befriender Uganda
    p o box 23156, Kampala

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