Befriender Uganda Profile

Befriender Uganda, a non-profit organization is a crisis intervention and suicide prevention Centre. The organization is a volunteer based service provider to troubled teens and mentally ill persons in our communities. We provide “a listening ear” to people employing Face-to-Face and Helpline (0800200450- toll free) mechanisms to offer services. We work to address suicide as a public health and mental health problem that no one else is addressing. Our programs and activities are focused towards crisis intervention and risk assessment targeting mainly young people having discovered the risks they face. Programs like the ambassadorship trainings where we go to the communities; for instance in secondary schools, the organization has been recognizing recommendable results as per the objective of promoting Help-seeking behavior among the teens.
The organization works closely with psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists, social workers, and counselors in managing crisis hence suicide prevention and research promotion.

For more information about our programs visit our website: Like our facebook page: Befriender Uganda

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