Why wait for suicide as an option

Did you know that he/ she who took their own life simply saw that suicide was the only door available for escape?! Suicide is a complex matter to understand, it is a scary idea to venture into but for someone facing a great deal of problems, it is difficult for them that they will be leaving but it is simple; if they really want to end their suffering, Death is a solution.
Suicide is entirely dependent on the actor, if someone chooses to fight or solve his problems by taking their own life, then there is no way you can deter them. But, of course, that is something you can tell yourself to help you deal with the trauma and grief after losing someone to suicide.
A person like me believes there is always a way to save a life claimed by suicide. In actual sense most of the suicidal people I have had a chance to share with after attempting to commit, disclose that the urge they had felt before had gone away and they feel bad for having been so weak to giving in and giving up so easily. Some smile and say that now they see other options and after hospitalization they are going to deal with their problems in much better intelligent ways available.
I urge them in return, seek help or share your problems with people. If you don’t trust those close to you, talk to counselors.

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