Suicide is a free mad dog in Uganda; this means it is a problem so alive that urgent response is required but for some reason it is being ignored.
I perceive suicide as a free lancer night dancer. At night, people stay in doors fearing to face him, he does whatever he wants- goes wherever he wants, there is no one brave enough to stop him. Even if you hear him just outside your doorstep, you keep quiet and do nothing, in fact to use the right words- you freeze. This is not your own doing but the doing of the propaganda and rumors attached to his whole existence, it will cripple your would-be abilities to assist in the matter.
They say, when you ever meet him at night in his practices… you will feel scared to the bone; you will feel light like you have just lost your weight to diarrhea, you will feel small however big you may be, you will feel like your hair has been swept off your head by the winds that blow when he moves.
The fear instilled in you will consume you deep inside to ever want to try to do something about the problem. The effort to avoid encountering issues concerned with night dancers is the exact behavior Ugandans are extending towards suicide.
It is so unfortunate that in Uganda the government has not publicly come out to positively assist in the matter (suicide) except condemn suicidal people to jail time.
There is need for a criticism that can match the 21st century awareness and knowledge people have. The old deterring mechanisms, we should agree… no longer work.
If i faced a problem that traumatize me so deep, a problem that will bring pain to my heart to that point of thinking nothing can be done to make things better… there is no way I will consider our local mistreatment of dead bodies due to hanging. i will just go ahead and end my pain.

Lets join hands, lets offer a listening ear to our troubled fellows… in other words let us CARE. Meanwhile the Government will join.

Visit Befriender Uganda, located at SB Bossa M.H.U Complex opposite TASO Mulago, OR call: 0312 514 840, 0800 200 450 (toll free)

Together we can save life.

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